Hello all,

Let’s take a minute to talk about Soulstice.

Soulstice is a short RPG being developed by Double Edge.  It takes place in the Nada multiverse.

In Nada, there are two gods, Adan and Rehton. These 2 gods are in an eternal power struggle. Their powers wax and wane based upon how many followers they have. Needless to say, souls are a valuable commodity.

When a follower of either god dies, their souls transcend to a sort of limbo and reside there until they are reborn into a new world. While in one of these limbo planes, they continue a normal life. You could almost imagine their times on other planets as dreams. Time moves differently in these limbo planes than in other worlds. A couple of days here is equal to a lifetime on a planet.

When a person is born, their soul fades out of existence in these limbos. When they die they re-appear back in limbo. When they re-appear the memories of their lives elsewhere fade away, as though they were dreams. In actuality these memories are locked away in an unreachable area in their subconscious.  And so goes the circle of limbo – life – death – limbo.

As part of their struggle, it is not uncommon for Adan and Rehton to seek out these limbo planes. Rehton, being an evil god will seek to destroy the souls of Adan’s followers, whereas Adan will usually attempt to convert the souls of Rehton’s followers, transporting them to one of his planes if successful.

Soulstice is one such limbo plane. The inhabits of this plane are followers of Adan.

Rehton discovers the location of this plane and sends his agent, Khayous, to destroy it’s inhabitants. She is tasked with opening a rift from some of Rehton’s planes to Soulstice, so that his followers can destroy the inhabitants of Soulstice.

He does this by aligning one of his planes, Vorhaal, with Soulstice and uses his followers to attack the inhabitants.

This is a dangerous move. You see, when a soul dies in it’s native limbo plane, they are forever lost and can never be restored. Death there is permanent. By aligning the 2 planes it then makes his followers a native of that plane. So anyone from Vorhaal that dies here is lost forever. However, if any of Rehton’s followers that come there via a portal were to die they would only be transported back to one of his planes, to recuperate their strength.